Hateful Ignorance
by The Ever Present iT!

Woe to you
of earth and sea
i come bringing

1 if by land
2 if by sea
this time it's 3
information technology
and me!

It's in front of your eyes
but you dont see
you're a walking zombie
a Talking Pelosi
an adolescent baby
me me me me me

Tattoos football beer and money
you eat organic GMO's
made from real milk & honey
America's so blind
it's always sunny!

liberally conservative brains,
of uneducated goo's,
sit and watch,
the TV news
from your mouth
their hatred spews.......

(THEM) you're a liberal, right wing conservative tea bagging racist pothead with a conspiracy theory....you're a truther!!!!

im a truther
and thats ok
i dislike
the other way

(THEM) thats not what I meant!!!

thats not what you meant?
what kind of people say things they dont mean?
they speak in opposites
from what ive seen

Propaganda Pimps, and Media Ho's
Political Pundits, our Nightly Foes
they tell a lie
and strike a pose
thats how
the opinion goes
the truth is out there
but you dont know
...hateful ignorance...
is what they sew

(THEM) so...so what.... I dont care!!

au contraire mon frere
its no wonder i have gray hair
they speak from their

Streets of Despair
Chemtrailed Air
you eat
Fukushima Tuna
without a care

open borders
new world disorder
fracking and contaminating
fluoridated water

pipelines across babylon
for miles and beyond
remember Kuwait in 91?
When oil fires blocked the sun?
Were the stolen pipeline explosives
just for fun?

or do ya think Homeland Security
envisioned that one?

To: those that study the theory of evolution,
and the scholars of the constitution,
and the greatest minds of all institutions,
here's a global warming solution

marijuana is an herb
nutrients for the nerves
they give a lesser sentence
to a perv
while bustin your face
into a curb

PAIN!!!!! PAIN!!!! PAIN!!!!
Pain is the Gateway to drugs
not cannabis
but only an ignoramus
would disagree with this
a us patent by HHS
truly exists
for those that say its a ruse
ha ha
i just cooked your couscous
thats right, that patent
holds the truth.....truth!

paralysis and blue screens of death
vaccinating like it dont make sense
big pharma creates the pestilence
doctors inoculate with ignorance
while autism attacks the innocence
turning your head
is Cognitive Dissonance

oh lord
i thought id seen it all
now little kids
cant play ball
aluminum salts and thimersol,
pharmaceutical.....wind fall

you know
they dont care
and when our vets come home
there aint nothing there
the end result
nothing spared
at what point
do they care?

what difference does it make?!?
the history of evil you foresake
government devils tongue like a snake
EWE the people
need to awake!

stop the political chatter
you're mad as a hatter
open your eyes
lives have been shattered
can you see
or doesn't it matter?

Jose'.....Can't you see?
you are not free
living in the land of blasphemies
no right to Liberty
denied by Govern-"Mental" Authority
its all plain to see
uninvisible as can be
thats why they call it

Why do people argue?
because someones not speaking the Truth
rationalized conjectured opinions
are seriously....MOOT!

(narrative: There is such a thing as being Offended,
but there is also, allowing yourself to become Offended
then there's just being OFF-ended.
intelligent people know the difference.)

Don't let Cognitive Dissonance get the better of EWE ~ iT!

2019 Hatefulignorance.com - Hateful Ignorance by The Ever Present iT!

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